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 SAMSUNG QMR LH65Qmrebgcxen 65" 

Cijena: 11.476,00 kn + PDV Cijena: 8.960,00 kn + PDV


Samsung All SMART Signage Professional Display


Time to upscale your display

Samsung’s new QMR series displays cut through the clutter to deliver best-in-class UHD resolution as well as intelligent UHD upscaling and rich flawless colors with Dynamic Crystal Color all in a slim design.


Incredible 4K picture quality 

Samsung’s new QMR series provides ultra high-definition 4K resolution, creating lifelike images with sharper picture quality than ever before.

Intelligent UHD upscaling

Samsung’s cutting-edge intelligent UHD upscaling technology performs edge restoration and noise reduction to deliver perfect UHD picture quality even with lower resolution content. This “future-proof” solution ensures best-in-class picture quality regardless of the original content resolution.


Dynamic Crystal Colour

The QBR series features Dynamic Crystal Colour, using 10 bit processing for flawless colour expression, allowing viewers to enjoy a wider spectrum of colours up to one billion shades. HDR+ functionality converts standard definition content to HDR quality for sharper contrast and more vivid colours.



Slim and symmetrical design

The QBR series features an all-new symmetric design, simplifying wall mounting and ensuring installation is seamless. The flat back and slim depth will ensure a display that will stand the test of time.



Clean cable management

With QHR's new cable guide feature, retailers are able to tuck away messy cables from view. This allows for a clean and visually-appealing shopping experience for customers, even when the back of the display is visible.



Powerful, all-in-one solution

SSSP is an all-in-one solution that simplifies installation and maintenance. With Tizen 4.0, businesses can enjoy easy development, reinforced capability with multiple web formats and standards and secured protection.


WiFi and Bluetooth built in

Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth allow for more personalised and interactive services as well as simplifying how businesses showcase content. Whether it’s to make networking simpler or enabling interactive beacon technology in-store, QBR series displays help businesses move into the future of retail.


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